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Amazing!  Amazing is the word others often use in describing our team when examining the body of work The Powell Group has accomplished current day and through the years. As founder and president, I realize my opinion is somewhat bias as I think our team is awesome.  Proof of performance also lets me know we are indeed one of the best in the business!

Founder & President

After a short career coaching basketball at Auburn University and working in college administration at Auburn University-Montgomery, Doyle entered the world of media sales with The Longshore Group. Immediately "taking to the business" he was awarded the prestigious Media Sales Person of the Year two consecutive years, leading him to be promoted to the company's Vice President.


Doyle departed Longshore and founded The Powell Group in 1989 with a passion and purpose to build the best media rep group in the outdoor industry. Little did he know the accomplishments achieved and relationships established along the way would catapult the company to opportunities far beyond the outdoors, several of which are presented on this website.


With a continued passion for selling advertising and establishing marketing affinity relationships, Doyle brings over 30 years of experience and wisdom to The Powell Group and the clients we serve.


Vice President

Davy joined The Powell Group in 1997 as a member of our sales team, having been previously employed at MMI Outdoor, a catalog merchant specializing in recreational product sales for US government agencies


With a solid understanding of the catalog business, Davy was a "quick study" in learning advertising sales. He excelled on every project assigned him, and continues to do so.


Davy's commitment to The Powell Group's mission and the clients we serve resulted in him being promoted to Vice President in 2004.


His drive and persistence has resulted in him structuring numerous major catalog partnership programs across many different industries and market catagories. 


Davy's high level of professionalism along with his pleasant demeanor are two character traits that led to the great success he has generated for The Powell Group and our clients!

Executive Administrator

Every successful company has a go to person who keeps the operation running efficient at all times. Sue is that person.


She joined the company in 1992 as a sales person and is our senior employee. She currently serves as Executive Administrator.


Though Sue's responsibilities are many, her primary tasks are Cattle Connection client services and Powell Group accounting. 


Sue enjoys a great working relationship with Powell Group associates, along with the clients for whom we represent and the advertisers with whom we do business. 


Sue is a great contributor to The Powell Group and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the success of our clients. The Powell Group is blessed she is on our team!

Cattle Connection;
Sales Director

Wendy McFarland manages The Powell Group’s sales initiatives for The Cattle Connection, a role she has served since late 2013. Having grown up on her family’s century old cattle and cotton farm, she has a lifetime of knowledge of the “world of cattle” and the lifestyle traits of cattle ranchers.


While her family members have dedicated their professions and daily routines to cattle farming, Wendy has focused her career in the media arena . . . from her initial job of selling printing, on to selling ads in several regional farm lifestyle publications to now selling national accounts for The Cattle Connection.


Super organized and hard charging, Wendy brings great energy and knowledge of the cattle industry to advertising clients of The Cattle Connection.  Says Doyle Powell, founder and president of The Powell Group, “Wendy has been an awesome addition to The Cattle Connection. We could have searched nationwide and found no one better qualified for this key role.”

Director of Office Operations

A valuable and gracious contributor to The Powell Group and our clients, Marilee joined team Powell Group in 2006 after a successful career in executive adminstration services at Auburn University Montgomery.


Marilee assumes many office administration and operation roles for the company, always willing to do what is necessary to get the job done and advance our client's needs forward.  


While her hard work is greatly noted and appreciated, Marilee's sweet and caring spirit is where she makes the greatest impact for The Powell Group!



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