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Selling media is an art. It consists of far more than simply developing a call list and "smiling and dialing!" It takes talent, persistence, experience, industry knowledge, and a positive attitude — all of which define The Powell Group!


The Powell Group offers our sales rep services based on a commission of the media sold. We incur all sales related expenses, with the exception of sales meetings and attending any industry events.


Put us to work for you and reap the rewards of our abilities and contacts!


Creativity, knowledge, enthusiasm and drive are keys to developing effective promotional campaigns. Whether it be the Ford Ultimate Tailgate Tour, the Big Bass World Championship, or the Coca-Cola Race & Reel, The Powell Group team has what it takes to build a promotion to meet your marketing and sales strategy!


To penetrate the outdoor market, one must first have a solid working knowledge of the industry. The participants. Their demographics. The retail landscape. And much more. All of these questions begin with a reseach based strategy. 


The Powell Group has escorted numerous companies into the outdoor industry arena, doing so with a master plan in mind to ensure dollars and time are wisely invested. 


Let us assist you as you embark on your outdoor initiative and, in so doing, shorten your learning curve while establishig realistic expectations.



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